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On May 14th, 2004 students from the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and ACTS voted to approve the formation of the Trinity Western University Graduate Student Association (TWUGSA). Prior to this vote, the TWUGSA Constitution was approved by the TWU Board of Governors and the TWUGSA Bylaws were approved by the President's Cabinet.

The main focus of TWUGSA is to serve the graduate student body by providing representation on a global scale through personal involvement with Trinity Western University's administrative committees. Secondly, TWUGSA wishes to enhance and support the individual graduate student experience at Trinity Western University.


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Student groups wishing to be officially recognized by TWUGSA are required to submit an application form to any member of the council.



Executive Council



Acting President

Ryan Grice

I am currently in my first year of the MALT program at ACTS. I received my bachelor’s degree in Missional Ministries from Southeastern University, a Christian liberal arts university in Florida, and I have a passion for church planting and Bible translation. I am currently a member of Pioneer Bible Translators and hope to one day work in Central Asia amongst an unreached, Bibleless Muslim people group. I have been a Christian since my late teens and have been actively involved in the local church since then. During this time I developed a passion for discipleship and cultivating environments where people can freely dialogue about their differences and experiences in order for the church to grow in unity in Christ.

It is because of this passion that I think that I would be a good fit for the council of the TWUGSA. In this role I would be able to have an active involvement in developing and overseeing programs that lead students to have a deeper relationship with Christ. I believe that this should define and drive the TWUGSA. I also think that the GSA should be actively involved with the undergraduate students of TWU. It seems to me that most students are completely unaware of the higher education opportunities offered at TWU. Not only is this a tragedy in that the Graduate program is losing excellent future candidates, but more importantly, we are missing out on some of the best discipleship opportunities. The Graduate student body possesses within itself decades of Christian and educational experience and growth. It is a shame for this resource to go untapped by the greater TWU body.


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Stephen Rogalsky

I was born and spent much of my life in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia before moving along with my family to Calgary, Alberta at the age of 13. After high school I did one year at Rocky Mountain College in Calgary before transferring to Millar College of the Bible. I did two following years there working on a Bachelors of Biblical studies. I then returned to Calgary with the intention of working and finishing up my degree the following year. The fourth year at Millar is a two-semester long internship with interspersed modular classes. I did the modular classes in my year back in Calgary in order to do an internship overseas without the headache of Skyping in for the classes. Then in 2015 I went to Papua New Guinea with Wycliffe Bible translators of Canada for an internship. I spent time in two different locations, but spent most of my time in Ukarumpa working at the Pacific institute of Linguistics, Arts, and Translation. After my internship there I returned to Calgary where I worked and adjusted back to life in North America. Then in 2017 I applied and started attended classes at the Canada Institute of Linguistics working on the Masters of Arts in Applied Linguistics. I am now in my final semester with the intention of finishing my degree with the comprehensive exams this summer. 



SGS & ACTS Representatives


SGS Rep:

Hilary Evans