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2018/2019 Council Candidates

Each year, TWUGSA (Trinity Western University Graduate Student Association) holds an election for graduate students to form a new student association council. The role of a member of the TWUGSA council, which includes a stipend, involves acting as advocates to the TWU administration in regular meetings, as well as coordinating with the whole TWUGSA team on initiatives that serve to enhance the graduate student experience.

Candidates contesting in the elections for the upcoming academic year 2018-2019 include:

  1. Luke Shaver (Incumbent President) for President
    My Platform is to bring personal network connections at the administrative level to the access of my fellow students. Bridging the gap between the behind-the-scenes of the University and relevant issues in grad student life as I'm bringing the GSA to you!

    It brings me great joy to make and facilitate  connections amongst others in our community. This summer I have taken the position of Assistant Community Life Coordinator for the Canada Institute of Linguistics. I see investing my summer in this way as an opportunity to build broader community from my program to yours that encourages each other throughout the year. It has seemed as though I’ve been uniquely positioned to speak into policy wordsmithing with a combination of cultural sensitivity and firm commitment to the guidance of God’s Word, and enjoy building the connections that the GSA was created to have. The Administration has been encouraging in their affirmation of the progress I have achieved in helping the GSA become what TWU needs it to be. With a year behind me of president level policy engagement and developing a greater understanding of the potential that GSA has, I ask you for your vote of support as I run for election for your TWUGSA presidential office for 2018-2019. I look forward to more grad student community development with you another year!

  2. Chuanxiu (Michael) Pei for Executive Vice President:

    Hello, dear graduate students of TWU. My name is Chuanxiu Pei and I am from Beijing, China. Now I am in the MBA program of TWU. Before I came to TWU, I worked for a bank in China for 3 years. It’s a privilege to be back in school again to further my study.

    Trinity is a great place to study. Moreover, TWU also provides a great community. As an international student, I am deeply aware of the culture and language barrier in a foreign country. The graduate student association is great platform to serve all international students and get them involved in the community. Therefore, I’d like to apply for a student representative position in GSA.

    As a student representative of the MBA program, I’ll try my best to build connection with students from other majors and organize activities to get more international students involved in the graduate student community.  These activities will be valuable opportunities to enhance culture communication since we have different culture background. Additionally, it’s always beneficial to build connection with other fellow schoolmates. I’ll try to talk to more students in order to bring their opinions to the GSA board. Working with other students from the GSA board to improve the competitiveness of our graduate student program is also equally important.

    - Chuanxiu Pei (MBA student, International Business)