Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience

Self Governance

Our Governing Documents

Bylaws, Constitution, and important policy documents and application forms



I          Purpose

The TWUGSA will actively defend and represent the needs and requests of the graduate student through consultation and communication with all affected stakeholders to serve the graduate student and further their interests.

II       Goal of Student Advocacy

Student Advocacy is based around the assumption that students share a common interest. This does not mean that student's won't disagree. It simply means that as graduate students we have more important issues that concern us than divide us.

a         Promote Student Unity. The goal of the TWUGSA is to work towards ensuring a high quality education at the lowest possible tuition rate with relevant curriculum and pedagogy; promoting excellent academic standards in a campus environment that is based around biblical principles and Christian community.

b        Build Student Power by Defining Common Interests. The TWUGSA will seek to involve students in significant decisions. The more students involved in the decision-making process the more power the TWUGSA will have within the university to help shape decisions that will affect the graduate student experience.

III     Student Input

The TWUGSA will provide opportunities to build student support and input through a variety of avenues in order to solicit student input on relevant student issues

a         The TWUGSA will provide a venue for student forums twice a year. Once in the fall (Sept Dec), and spring (Jan April) semester.

b        Campus Wide Surveys

c         Opinion Polls

IV    Representation

As Graduate Student representative, it is the role of the appointed TWUGSA council members to promote and represent student interests in the university political and academic process. TWUGSA members will participate on University committees in order to give formal input from a student perspective.

a         The TWUGSA executive will meet with the Board of Directors Student Life Sub-Committee twice a year (Fall and Spring Meetings)

b        The TWUGSA council will provide student representation at the SGS director's meetings and University Graduate Council & ACTS Academic Council.

c         The President of the TWUGSA will meet on a regular monthly basis with the VP of Student Life for updates from TWUGSA for the University Presidents Cabinet.