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Our Governing Documents

Bylaws, Constitution, and important policy documents and application forms


TWUGSA Constitution

Approved by Board of Governors February 24, 2004; approved by graduate students in a vote which closed on May 14th, 2004.

I.  Name, Purpose, and Authority

I.A.     Name

The name of this organization shall be the Trinity Western University Graduate Student Association (TWUGSA).

I.B.     Mission Statement

The mission of the TWUGSA is to serve the graduate student body in the many aspects of student experience and to promote a mature and active commitment to Jesus Christ among its members.

To realize its mission, the TWUGSA will:

  1. Initiate and implement a network of communication by which student concerns and interests are positively represented to the various sectors of the University.
  2. Encourage and support spiritual and intellectual pursuits on and off campus.
  3. Facilitate student-initiated social activities in order to emphasize a greater sense of community.

I.C.     Authority

The authority to act as outlined in this constitution is vested in the TWUGSA by the Board of Governors and the President's Cabinet.

II.   Membership and Government

II.A.        Membership

The membership shall consist of all those enrolled in programs of graduate study at Trinity Western University.

II.B.        Council of the TWUGSA

  1. The Council of the TWUGSA shall be the governing body of the TWUGSA.  It shall be organized and operated according to the Bylaws and the Policy Manual of the TWUGSA.
  2. The voting membership of the Council of the TWUGSA shall consist of all elected members.
  3. The Council of the TWUGSA shall be responsible to supervise the business affairs and activities of the TWUGSA.
  4. The Council of the TWUGSA shall endeavour to research, represent, and articulate student initiatives, ideas, and concerns.

II.C.        Officers

The Council of the TWUGSA shall include at minimum, a President, Executive Vice President, Vice President for Finance and two Representatives from different graduate programs or seminaries.  No other official business or representation may be conducted by the Council of the TWUGSA until the minimum positions have been filled.

II.D.       Advisor

The Vice President for Student Life shall be the Advisor to the TWUGSA.

III.     Authoritative Documents

III.A.   Constitution

a)      The constitution shall contain the foundational principles of the TWUGSA (as outlined in Article I &II). 

b)      Any amendments to the articles of the constitution must be proposed by the Council of the TWUGSA, submitted to the President's Cabinet for review and approval, and forward to the Board of Governors for approval.  If approved, there shall be an assembly of the TWUGSA within two (2) academic months, at which time the President of the TWUGSA shall announce the proposal to the TWUGSA.  Voting must take place within two (2) academic weeks following the assembly, and shall be by secret ballot.  A two thirds (2/3) majority of those voting shall be necessary for student approval of constitutional amendments.

III.B.   Bylaws

a)      The Bylaws shall further define the structure, function and operation of the TWUGSA.

b)      Any member of the TWUGSA may propose changes in Bylaws by submitting them in writing to the Council of the TWUGSA.  The proposed changes, to be effective, must be approved by the Council of the TWUGSA and President's Cabinet respectively, posted for a period of one (1) week or more and then ratified by a majority vote of the TWUGSA members voting, as outlined in the Bylaws.

III.C.   Policy Manual

a)      The Policy Manual shall outline specific operating procedures pertaining to the TWUGSA and its affiliated groups.  It shall deal with any additional policies on matters that do not require constitutional entrenchment.  This document may require periodic revision.

b)      Additions to the Policy Manual or amendments to any of the policies require a two-thirds (2/3) approval of the Council of the TWUGSA.

IV.  Enabling Act

This constitution shall become effective immediately upon approval by the members of the TWUGSA, after which all previous constitutions shall be deemed void.

V.   Dissolution of the TWUGSA

In the event of dissolution of the TWUGSA, after paying or adequately providing for its debts and obligations, the TWUGSA shall devote any remaining assets to the University's endowment fund for student scholarships.